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Follow us to grab the latest finance and moneylender tips for your financial planning! Personal Loan create all possibility and bring you toward brighter future.

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Our platform is free and easy to use. We help you source the best PERSONAL LOAN to match your personal needs.

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We only provide licensed moneylender with low interest loan and excellent services. We confirm that all the Licensed Moneylenders cooperative with us are approved with license from the Authority of Singapore

Low Interest Loan

We source out which moneylender is offering the lowest interest loan, flexible terms, and best services. Then match the best and suitable money lender to you.

Top Moneylender Directory in Singapore! is not a licensed money lender. So who are we? In fact, we are here to help your financial requirement.

Our main target is to help public to make brilliant decision. Our research team is strive to filter out the best licensed money lender in Singapore. By this way, you can save a lot of time and afford to search around the moneylender. At the same time, you can avoid get loan from ah long. Ah long is spamming in Singapore, and thousand of family is falling into the tragedy.

We have a great team to help you filter through the responsible money lenders in Singapore. This progress is ensuring you get the best licensed money lender and get the best deal.

Sharing the latest moneylending information and latest financial blog also is our responsibility.

Interested to apply for the low interest loan? is promise to provide borrowers the best rates from our list of licensed moneylender. Our service is free and we do not represent any subscribing lender nor we do advertising for them.

✓ One-stop financial solution including licensed money lender and credit card solution

✓ Get in principle approval within 5 minutes*

✓ Monthly instalment, low interest loans available

This service only applicable for Singaporean and PR.

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